Why I Love Entrepreneurs

Larry H. Miller and the US flag from EnergySolutions Arena

Larry H. Miller and the US flag from EnergySolutions Arena

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their vision.” -Ayn Rand

I often think that entrepreneurs are an enhanced breed of human being. Just as vampires have heightened senses or superheroes possess superhuman strengths and abilities, entrepreneurs have unusual vision, unnatural fortitude, and a tolerance for risk, uncertainty and ambiguity that’s fascinating and inspiring.

Living well is an art, our lives are our masterpieces, and business is the ultimate creative medium. And entrepreneurs are the ultimate artists. Entrepreneurs show us that business, at its best, is where capital, creativity, hard work and passion combine in potentially limitless ways to positively impact the world.  

I was reminded of this today when I saw a gift that Paul Swenson, owner of Colonial Flag, gave our family. It was the US flag that flew from the rafters of the EnergySolutions Arena from the time the building opened in 1991 until June of 2013.

The flag was folded and framed, and accompanied by a photo of my (now deceased) dad with his hand over his heart during a National Anthem and a plaque that reads, “During that 22-year period more than 30 million guests looked to this flag, many with their hand on their hearts, during the National Anthem. No other US flag flown in Utah even comes close to having been the focus of patriotic expression as has this flag.”

I’m grateful to Paul for his thoughtful gift, for my dad and his indefatigable entrepreneurial drive, and to my mom for being his partner through all those years.

I’m also grateful for the freedoms of the United States that allow for the full expression of the entrepreneurial spirit, and to all who have served and sacrificed to ensure these freedoms exist.

And I’m grateful for the entrepreneurs who pursue their passions and visions despite innumerable and unforeseeable obstacles, and in so doing inspire, advance and serve all of us.

Live free and create!